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Go to Market Strategy for The Whole Truth Foods

Problem statement: To recommend new product launch for The whole truth foods based on their existing vision and prepare a GTM strategy

In this project, I developed a new growth strategy for The Whole Truth, a health-focused snack brand. The strategy centered around the introduction of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Packaged Foods, with a specific focus on overnight oats in various flavors. I prepared Ideal Customer Persona, Marketing mix, Customer Journey

Market Definition and Size:

I began by defining the RTE market, with a particular emphasis on the overnight oats segment. I then estimated the market size and projected future trends.

Competitive Landscape Analysis:

Next, I conducted an analysis of the competitive landscape, identifying key players and their success factors in the overnight oats market.

Product Positioning Using 4P's:

Utilizing the 4P's of marketing - Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, I positioned The Whole Truth's proposed overnight oats product in the RTE market.

Product Features and Pricing:

I outlined the unique features of the overnight oats product and set competitive price points based on market trends and consumer expectations.

Distribution and Messaging:

I identified effective distribution channels for the overnight oats product and crafted compelling messaging to attract and retain customers.

Gross Merchandise Value Projection:

Finally, I projected the Gross Merchandise Value for the new overnight oats product line from 2023 to 202

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