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Pharmeasy Marketing Mix

Project Overview:

In this project, I developed a marketing mix plan for the launch of PharmEasy Labs (PE Labs), the diagnostics arm of PharmEasy, a leading e-pharma platform in India. The goal was to leverage PharmEasy's existing user base and technological capabilities to expand into the profitable diagnostics sector.

Understanding PharmEasy and PharmEasy Labs:

PharmEasy is a dominant player in the e-pharma market, owning over 50% of the market share with over 50 million registered users. It primarily serves two types of use cases: chronic and acute patients. With the vision of becoming a holistic e-healthcare platform, PharmEasy launched PE Labs, which offers a range of diagnostic tests and packages that can be booked from the comfort of one's home.

Problem Statement:

The challenge was to plan the marketing mix decisions for the new venture of PE Labs, considering PharmEasy's large existing user base, a tech solution for online test booking, and the processing capabilities of Thyrocare, one of India's largest labs acquired by PharmEasy.

Marketing Mix Plan:

I developed a marketing mix plan that included elements of Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning (STP), Perceptual Maps, and the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). I focused on how PharmEasy could grow in the diagnostics category using these marketing levers.

Key Strategies:

I used the marketing funnel concept (Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Repeat, Advocate) to identify which part of the funnel to focus on. I also conducted segmentation to identify the customer cohort to focus on. The 4Ps were used to ensure a comprehensive marketing strategy.The marketing mix plan developed in this project provides a comprehensive strategy for the successful launch and growth of PE Labs, leveraging PharmEasy's existing strengths and expanding its offerings to become a holistic e-healthcare platform.

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