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Real Estate Cilents : Ad Campaigns

High-Intent Lead Generation for a Hyderabad Real Estate Ventures

Real Estate Project Marketing: A Comprehensive and Strategic Approach

1. Onboarding Real Estate Clients:

Embarked on a mission to market real estate projects, successfully bringing several clients onboard.

2. Utilizing Facebook Lead Ads:

Leveraged the power of Meta Ads Manager and Facebook's instant forms to reach potential leads.

3. High-Intent Lead Generation:

Employed landing pages and a brochure as a lead magnet to attract high-intent leads, distinguishing hot leads through email click tracking.

4. Streamlining Lead Access with Pabbly Connect:

Integrated Pabbly Connect to ensure seamless and instant lead access on Google Sheets for clients, differentiating between instant form and website leads.

5. Retargeting and Remarketing Strategies:

Implemented retargeting and remarketing strategies to re-engage potential leads, increasing the chances of conversions.

6. Client Satisfaction:

Achieved high client satisfaction by delivering optimal results within a limited budget.

7. Follow-Up Strategies:

Devised email and WhatsApp broadcasts for consistent client engagement and follow-up.

Tools Used:

  • Wix for building a property listing website

  • ConvertKit for landing pages and email marketing

  • Pabbly Connect for smooth flow of leads

  • Meta Ads Manager for ad campaigns

  • Google Analytics for tracking and analysis

Target Audience: Ran campaigns targeted based on specific demographics and geographics.

Campaign Overview:

Successfully ran 27 campaigns for 9 projects across 4 clients, focusing on lead generation, website traffic, and retargeting. The result was over 3000 leads generated, leading to higher site visits and more conversions.

This comprehensive and strategic approach not only generated leads but also effectively managed, nurtured, and re-engaged them, leading to successful conversions and satisfied clients.

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